Fabiana Perez Marset

I was born in Uruguay and studied psychology at the University of the Republic of Uruguay, graduating in 1997. I was introduced to Gestalt Therapy when I began college. I was initially a patient. It caught my attention and made me curious to learn more and so I began to study it seriously. It is a way to work closely with the person both intellectually and with the body. This alternative and humanistic space has always been a part of me.

Gestalt theory helped me to answer many of my personal questions and clarify my feelings.  The focus on the here and now, combined with the experiential, brought me greater understanding of myself.  It made sense to me and I knew it was the way I wanted to treat clients.  I am committed to working with people to help them get into contact with their emotions in order to understand, change and heal their issues.

I attended various intensive weekend workshops that furthered my knowledge of Gestalt therapy during my university studies.  After graduating with my psychology degree, I trained at the Centro Gestaltico in Montevideo with Alejandro Spangenberg.  I completed two postgraduate courses: Gestalt Theory and Methodology and Specialization in Processes and Group Therapy in Gestalt.  I began doing individual therapy with adults and adolescents in Montevideo in 1998.

At the same time I worked in a Nonprofit Organization with adolescents at social risk for two years.  This was my first contact with these kinds of issues and gave me valuable experience and knowledge to further my expertise.

I began my journey through motherhood in 2001.  I was impressed by the connection with tenderness, fragility and sensitivity on the one hand, contrasted with the importance of the place an adult has as a parent.  My son opened up new learnings and life experiences that have continued to inform me today.

I moved to Barcelona, Spain, with my family in 2002.

I continued my training in Barcelona. I got a postgraduate degree in Conflict Mediation and became a Family Mediator and collaborator with the Center for Family Mediation of Private Law in Catalonia.  I also was trained by Claudio Naranjo on the Introduction to the Psychology of Ennea-types.  I continued my education with Joan Garriga at the Gestalt Institute of Barcelona with training in Family, Phenomenological and Systemic Constellations.  After that I gave workshops and lengthy individual consultations using this model using a global perspective   that included the family system of the client.

I trained for three years to be a Seitai instructor with Magda Barneda and Paco Lacueva while living in Barcelona.  I continue this practice daily.

For many years, I collaborated with and worked at various centers dedicated to psychotherapy and personal development.  These include: Centro Gestaltico de Montevideo, Centro Mandala, Motiva’t, L’Espai Gestalt, Center Kiona and Senda.

I have been a member of the Senda Team’s Family Support Center and Live Education since it began in 2014.  I have worked with children, adolescents, adults, couples and families using the systemic approach.  I have worked with Veronica Anton doing workshops for teachers and educators using the Natural Parenting model.  For three years I led groups for parents in the Emotional Accompaniment of Everyday Life.  I currently work with the team using online tools.

Since 2012, I have coordinated and facilitated Family Constellation workshops in Barcelona and Sant Pere de Ribes.

I moved to San Diego, CA with my family in August, 2018.  I continue to work virtually and in person to facilitate Family Constellations and the systemic approach.

I am fluent in Spanish, English, Catalan and Portuguese.  I can do this work using any of these languages.

Degrees and Training

I am licensed in Spain and Uruguay as a psychologist.  I have a Bachelor degree in psychology in the US.

Psychologist - Col. 14584
· University of the Republic of Uruguay
· Official College of Psychology of Catalonia, Spain
Diploma in Psychology recognized in California, United States
  • IERF, Inc. Credential Evaluation
  • Research Foundation, CA

Social Educador - Col. 8008
College of Social Educators and Educators of Catalonia, Spain
Trained in Family Constellations and Systemic Psychology
Gestalt Institute of Barcelona, ​​Spain
Instructor Seitai Training
Seitai Espaidó – Magda Barneda, Barcelona, ​​Spain
Conscious Uncoupling Coach
Trained and Certified by Creator: Katherine Woodward Thomas, M.A., MFT
Participation in the SAT Program - Integrative Psychotherapy
Claudio Naranjo
Mediator in the Socio-Educational and Community Scope
Rosa Sensat Teachers School and Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​Spain
Gestalt therapist
Gestalt Center of Montevideo, Uruguay