It has been my salvation
my antidote
against a world

It has been my understanding,
lthe way to realize that

it was not right.

with counting,
your memories,
your stories,
your hobbies,
your obsessions.

Just by listening to your mind
and understand you.

You already have everything that makes us people.

M.13 years

Adolescence is a complicated time of life. It is a time when one begins to ask questions about self-identity. There are lots of changes and also a sense of loss.

There is a loss of childhood, of being a child. One begins to see parents with a less idealized and more realistic view. There are many emotional and physical changes. It is a time of learning about falling in love and sexual awakenings.

It is a time where world and social values are questioned. A growing understanding of these ideas from a more adult perspective and questioning what is true. It is a time when established norms are tested to experience new limits. Life is lived with great intensity which can manifest in great happiness or great sadness.

Who would be interested?

Anyone aged 11 to 19, who needs a place where they can grow into and build on who they are. Where they can feel free from judgement, labeling and criticism from an empathetic professional.

Some of the reasons for consultation may be:

  • States of sadness, recurrent crying and / or aggressiveness without an apparent or significant reason
  • Sleep and / or eating disorders
  • Relationship problems with their peers, teachers, family, etc.
  • Psychosomatic disorders
  • Attention problems or hyperactivity
  • Addictions or drug use
  • Huge life changes that cause grief such as new school, city, or house; or parents’ divorce or death of a relative.

How does this work?

Using the techniques of Gestalt and Systemic Therapy, I will listen closely with a creative and youthful perspective. I will help them to achieve a more fluid communication and prioritize artistic and flexible expression.

I will help parents find new resources to cope with this life stage. I will maintain confidentiality of the adolescent while advising parents about this new family stage.