Who would be interested?

A person who is feeling emotional discomfort or suffering that has lasted a period of time and has not diminished. Also, a person who wants to grow and develop a deeper understanding of themselves.

Additionally, someone who wants to develop a new way to be more authentic and fully alive.

Some of the common causes of consultation are:

  • Various emotional problems involving intimate and friend relationships, family dynamics and work issues.
  • Losses such as separations, divorces, transfers, death, job loss, conflicts, disabilities.
  • Depression, anxiety, anguish, stress, manias, phobias, obsessions, etc.
  • Low self-esteem, loneliness, feeling of dissatisfaction in general.
  • Search for self-knowledge, understanding and change in relation to self-image, body and beliefs.

How does this work?

The therapeutic process is an integrative and holistic experience of integrating the intellectual, emotional and physical aspects of a person. It will guide the individual toward the development of how to be present in the “here and now”.

These theoretical and methodological bases come from Gestalt, Systemic Therapy and Family Constellations.