Questions couples often ask:

  • Why do I feel that sometimes we speak two very different languages?
  • What do I do when I discover that my partner is different from what I thought?
  • Do I have to change to be loved?
  • And after falling in love, what happens to the love?

Who would be interested?

Couples going through a crisis or difficulty.

Couples who find it difficult to make needed decisions or to carry out those decisions.

How does this work?

Treatment will focus on exploring the beliefs and expectations each person has about their partner and about couple-hood. It will make conscious how each sees the other and self. It will clarify the current “dance” each is doing in the relationship.

It is a way to explore the relationship and help to re-establish the constructive aspects of it. It is a way to become aware of how each person lives their life and demystify each person’s ideals.