My work incorporates and integrates several therapy models, however there are two treatment models that are the primary basis for my work:


Gestalt is a German word that is used when something is whole, complete or finished.

We have experiences in our lives that we do not know how to make whole, complete or finish in a healthy way. These unfinished situations often cause us discomfort, pain and dissatisfaction.


This therapy model helps the client to integrate several areas of life, the intellectual, emotional and body. It helps the individual develop a consciousness of how to be in the present, or the “here and now”.

It focuses on the idea that we learn from living and life experiences. These become the ways we organize our thoughts and mental structure.

Therapy will start with the presenting symptom or conflict of the client. It then focuses on how to help the person develop tools to increase self-knowledge and encourage personal growth.

Some of the objectives of this treatment are to encourage and support:

  • To develop self-responsibility and to process one’s life
  • To facilitate the body’s wisdom to properly self-regulate
  • To expand one’s awareness of self
  • To support one’s ability to complete unfinished situations and experiences of the past

These objectives create energy for the development of new life experiences that are created in the present not the past.


What is it…?

The systemic model focuses on families or groups and the observation of the circular and multi-causal manner that members within a family behave and react. Within a family, member’s reactions are unpredictable because each action and reaction will change in the context of the situation, therefore it is not linear.
This model offers a circular and interactive vision of the inside of the family/group system. It sorts out the rules and controls within that system that help to keep the system in a state of balance. Understanding this communication is one of the keys to making shifts.


The Family Constellations is a psychotherapeutic method, created and developed by Bert Hellinger. Hellinger tries to reveal the unconscious dynamics that occur in the family system to which the person belongs.

Its objective is to reveal the unconscious dynamics that occur in the family of the client.

The benefit of this treatment is to help the person become aware of how these unconscious dynamics affect them and generate discomfort, emotional suffering and even physical illnesses. Defining and uncovering the constellation helps to heal the emotional relationships and promote the universal human need for belonging. This helps restore order in the family system and facilitates an approach toward conflict resolution.