Counseling and
consulting for parents

The arrival of a child for a couple is an important shift in the couple’s life and relationship. Each parent will need to be aware of this movement and to how their own family history plays a role in parenting. A second child creates more change and the shift will be different than with the first child.

Although each sibling belongs in the same family, generation and parents, they each occupy a different and unique place in the family system. If these unique places were understood and respected, the family would live in greater harmony and peace.

Who might benefit?

Parents who need advice on a specific issue or who are going through a delicate family situation.

Some of the topics that are frequently addressed are:

  • Limits with children
  • Space for the couple and space for the family
  • Tantrums
  • Jealousy and competitiveness
  • Prolonged absences of a family member
  • Death or illness and how to cope
  • Parental divorce
  • Shared custody with the children
  • Difficulties living together
  • Habits and routines

How does this work?

These workshops will help facilitate communication between each family member. The intention is to help all accept and understand the current system in order to open up the possibility for the family to grow, respect and balance itself and its members.

These workshops are group meetings that last about one and a half to three hours. They can be held weekly or monthly and may be only one meeting or several.

The approach addresses the emotional, physical and thought processes of each person.