The Family Constellations is a psychotherapeutic method, created and developed by Bert Hellinger. Hellinger’s method helps to reveal the unconscious dynamics that occur in your family system.


Its objective is to heal emotional relationships within the family system by understanding the family network. It helps to promote the sense of belonging we all need. It restores order in the family through the individuals’ awareness of the unconscious dynamics within the family. It facilitates the solution to the conflicts that have arisen that cause discomfort, emotional suffering and even physical illnesses.

Who would this help?

  • Anyone who wants to heal emotional problems such as; difficulties with relationships, loss or grief, feelings of long standing unhappiness.
  • Anyone with mental discomfort from low self-confidence, dissatisfaction, feelings of failure, or illnesses.
  • Anyone who wants to increase their understanding of themselves and their emotional ties.
  • An individual interview is conducted with interested people before attending the workshops.

How does this work?

A chosen participant will state a specific problem.  Then they will be asked to intuitively choose someone to represent each of the family members who are involved in their family system and one to represent themselves.  Then the group will observe how the dynamics develop and a possible solution to restore the family balance.

What roles are involved?

As a participant: Requesting to resolve a personal conflict by exploring your family constellation.

As a representative: Making yourself available to help clarify the family dynamics by taking part in the healing process of the participant’s conflict presentation. At the same time you will begin to understand yourself better.

As an observer: Attending the workshop to watch, listen and learn.

To provide the safety and trust to do this work, confidentiality and the respect for everyone’s experience is essential, no matter what role you are taking at the workshop. An individual consultation can be requested after the workshop if needed.

Individual work

This work can be done on an individual basis.  The same methodology is used as with a group.  However, other resources are used to represent the family members; such objects as wooden or plastic figures and paper.  The client is able to participate in a more direct and active way using this option.

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