There may have been moments in your life when you have felt alone, where sadness or confusion overwhelmed you. Maybe you felt fear and powerless to face a situation.  Or when trying to plan things you have felt paralyzed.  Perhaps you have felt that you repeat patterns that make you unhappy, but you do not know how to change these patterns.

Perhaps you have doubts about what you want in life or how you are living your life.  You have questions like: Am I educating my children the best way possible?  Do I need to develop more of my skills at work?  Why do my partner and I not get along with each other?  What prevents me from maintaining a good relationship with my partner?

I will help you to find your own answers and a better knowledge of yourself, by using my ability to listen carefully and to use my professional skills.

I have dedicated myself for the last 23 years to helping people. I do this because I believe that trust, confidentiality and emotional attunement with my clients are fundamental to the work. I hold clients in a loving place and am committed to your development and health.

Cultural diversity is a part of my daily life, especially since I have worked in many different countries and with different cultures.

I work with adults, adolescents, children, couples and families.  I use a humanistic perspective following the models of Gestalt and Systemic Psychology.


I look forward to hearing from you and scheduling a time to begin working together.